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Frederick L. Coolidge
Statistics A Gentle Introduction, 4Ed
Sandy White Watson
Conceptual Analyses of Curriculum Inquiry Methodologies
Quinn, Rian
Advanced C++ programming cookbook: become an expert C++ programmer by mastering concepts like templates, concurrency, and type deduction (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Liu, Zhongyi, Liu, Shouchang, Li, Zhongjun
Catalytic Technology for Selective Hydrogenation of Benzene to Cyclohexene
Molecular Biotechnology
Narendar Pani
Dynamics of Difference
Kohli, Rajiv
Surfactants in Precision Cleaning: Removal of Contaminants at the Micro and Nanoscale 1ed
Ulf Schütze and Lisa Süßenbach
German Grammar: Reviewed and Retold
Jill M. Kolesar
2020/2021 Top 300 Pharmacy Drug Cards