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หมวดหมู่ : การบัญชี /ธุรกิจ
Ashish Porwal
Environmental Management Accounting Disclosures
Rasha Mahboub
Impression Management In Accounting Communication Of Mena Banks
C. Mallesha and M. Sulochana
Information Systems Audit In Banking Sector
Derese Alehegn
Introduction Of Principles Of Accounting
Régis Sousa
Management And Accounting Compendium Volume Ii - Third Sector
Derese Alehegn
Principles Of Accounting I
Edwin Mirfazli
Social Accounting
Ahmed Ishaku,Kabiru Isa Dandago and Muhammad Liman Muhammad
Audit Quality And The Level Of Earnings Manipulation:
Marysela Morillo Moreno
Cost Accounting Within Reach Of Everyone
Atta Acheampong
Full Cost Versus Successful Efforts Accounting Methods In Oil And Gas
Amol B. Devale and R. V. Kulkarni
Knowledge Based System For Information System Audit
Rajendra Aparnathi
Industrial Energy Audit