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Tafoya, Dennis W.
Crisis, Catastrophe, and Disaster in Organizations
Crowther, David, Seifi, Shahla (Eds.)
CSR and Sustainability in the Public Sector
Ho, M.R., Kennedy, J.C., Uy, M.A., Chan, K.-Y. (Eds.)
Saidon, Intan Marzita, Said, Roshima (Eds.)
Ethics, Governance and Risk Management in Organizations
Crowther, David, Seifi, Shahla (Eds.)
Governance and Sustainability
Kopp, David M.
Human Resource Management in the Pornography Industry
Glauner, Patrick, Plugmann, Philipp (Eds.)
Innovative Technologies for Market Leadership
Durst, Susanne, Henschel, Thomas (Eds.)
Knowledge Risk Management
Rangone, Adalberto
Managing Corporate Innovation
Real Frauds Found in Not-for-Profits (AICPA)