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Asati, B S & Prabhakar Singh
Seed Production Technology of Vegetables
Lal, Gopal et al
Seed Spices
Jadhav, A D & T V Sathe
Sericulture and Pest Management
Srivastav, P K et al
Sericulture and Seri-Biodiversity
Ramya, V Ponvizhi
Soil and Applied Microbiology
Singh, Amandeep et al
Spiders in Rice: A Research Review
Mishra, P K & J K Verma
Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management: Issues and Challenges
Karthikeyan, C & R Sendilkumar
Sustainable Development through Innovative Agriculture
Mitra,S K
Temperate Fruits Vol 1: Pome and Stone Fruits
Mitra, S K
Temperate Fruits Vol 2: Nuts and Berries
Misra, Kaushal Kumar
Textbook of Advance Pomology
Adhikary, M M
Textbook of Agricultural Heritage