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หมวดหมู่ : การเกษตร
Elijah Baxter
Postharvest Management
Prabhat Kumar Srivastava
Pesticides in Crop Production: Physiological and Biochemical Action
Heidi M. Waldrip
Animal Manure: Production, Characteristics, Environmental Concerns, and Management
Jaspreet Banga
Advances In Beekeeping (Hardcover)
Scott X Chang
Agroforestry Systems: The Role of Trees in Ecosystem Services-A Special Issue in Collaboration with the 4th World Congress on Agroforestry
J. P. Dubey
Coccidiosis in Livestock, Poultry, Companion Animals, and Humans
Jay Shankar Singh
Microbial Services in Restoration Ecology
Gianluca Brunori
Innovation for sustainability
Anju Dahiya
Thomas W. Gurley
Zerina Johanson
Evolution and Development of Fishes
John A. Lucas
Plant Pathology and Plant Pathogens