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หมวดหมู่ : ศิลปะ
Sasha Engelmann
Sensing Art in the Atmosphere
Edited by Sharon E. Shaffer
International Thinking on Children in Museums
Yiyan Wang
Modern Art for a Modern China
Sheila Watson
National Museums and the Origins of Nations
Edited by Himanshu Prabha Ray
The Archaeology of Knowledge Traditions of the Indian Ocean World
Terence Heng
Diasporas, Weddings and the Trajectories of Ethnicity
Edited by Marta Massi, Marilena Vecco and Yi Lin
Digital Transformation in the Cultural and Creative Industries
Sigurd Bergmann
Weather, Religion and Climate Change
Stephanie E. Pitts and Sarah M. Price
Understanding Audience Engagement in the Contemporary Arts
Edited by Jani McCutcheon and Ana Ramalho
International Perspectives on Disability Exceptions in Copyright Law and the Visual Arts
T.M. Delligatti
Costume Design: The Basics