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Agarwal, Poonam
Environment and We in 21st Century
Gupta, Rajan Kumar & Satya Shila Singh
Environmental Biotechnology: A New Approach
Mishra, P K & J K Verma
Managing Sustainable Development: Concepts Issues and Challenges
Kumar, Suresh et al
Watershed Management Issues and Policies for 21st Century
Kumar, Arvind
Environmental Biotechnology
Hosetti, B B & A Kumar
Environmental Impact Assessment and Management
Malik, Sudha Sambyal
Environmental Issues
Khanna, D R & R Bhutiani
Laboratory Manual of Water and Wastewater Analysis
Durrheim, R J & B G N Sewwandi
Mitigating the Impact of Extreme Natural Events in Developing Countries
Jakati, Dadapir M
Resource Geography of Goa
Umesh, M R & B M Chittapur
Water Productivity: Principles and Practices
3G Editorial Board
3Ge Collection On Environmental Science: Geo-Information Systems (Gis) (Hardcover)