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Alena Bleicher
The Material Basis of Energy Transitions
Takashiro Akitsu
Environmental Science Society, Nature, and Technology
Fritz Kessler
Working with Map Projections
Yin, Kun
Design of Novel Biosensors for Optical Sensing and Their Applications in Environmental Analysis
Yamori, Katsuya (Ed.)
Disaster Risk Communication
Al-Quraishi, Ayad, Negm, Abdelazim M. (Eds.)
Environmental Remote Sensing and GIS in Iraq
Chowdhooree, Imon, Ghani, Shams Mansoor (Eds.)
External Interventions for Disaster Risk Reduction
Talapatra, Ashoke K.
Geochemical Exploration and Modelling of Concealed Mineral Deposits
Mitran, Tarik, Meena, Ram Swaroop, Chakraborty, Abhishek (Eds.)
Geospatial Technologies for Crops and Soils
El-Naggar, Hany, El-Zahaby, Khalid, Shehata, Hany (Eds.)
Innovative Solutions for Soil Structure Interaction
Bezvijen, A., Wittke, W., Poulos, H., Shehata, H. (Eds.)
Latest Advancements in Underground Structures and Geological Engineering