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หมวดหมู่ : สิ่งแวดล้อม
Roy, Kalyan Kumar
Natural Electromagnetic Fields in Pure and Applied Geophysics
Frank-Kamenetskaya, O.V., Vlasov, D., Panova, E.G., Lessovaia, S.N. (Eds.)
Processes and Phenomena on the Boundary Between Biogenic and Abiogenic Nature
Ying Yang Chan, Emily, Shaw, Rajib (Eds.)
Public Health and Disasters
Sansò, Fernando, Migliaccio, Federica
Quantum Measurement of Gravity for Geodesists and Geophysicists
Zelenáková, Martina, Hudáková, Gabriela, Stec, Agnieszka
Rainwater Infiltration in Urban Areas
Dasgupta, Troyee, Mukherjee, Soumyajit
Sediment Compaction and Applications in Petroleum Geoscience
Godovikov, Alexander, Nenasheva, Svetlana N.
Structural-Chemical Systematics of Minerals
Jeon, Han-Yong (Ed.)
Sustainable Development of Water and Environment
Wan, Tianfeng
The Tectonics and Metallogenesis of Asia
Oguz A. Soysal
Energy for Sustainable Society: From Resources to Users
A. W. Ewert
Natural Environments and Human Health
Hitoshi Sashiwa
Marine Chitin 2019