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Amina Omrane
Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Renewable Energy-Based Projects, and Digitalization
Paul R. Loconto
Trace Environmental Quantitative Analysis: Including Student-Tested Experiments
Anand Ramanathan
Advances in Clean Energy: Production and Application
Nitin Kumar Singh
Green Innovation, Sustainable Development, and Circular Economy
Cristian Parra
Mining, Materials, and the Sustainable Development Goals
Jacqueline A. Stagner
Green Energy and Infrastructure: Securing a Sustainable Future
Sherin Zafar
Green Automation for Sustainable Environment
Amritanshu Shukla
Latent Heat-Based Thermal Energy Storage Systems: Materials, Applications, and the Energy Market
Mohamed Zakriya G
Natural Fiber Composites: Manufacturing, Characterization and Testing
Stephen A. Roosa
Fundamentals of Microgrids: Development and Implementation
Guttila Yugantha Jayasinghe (
Green Productivity and Cleaner Production: A Guidebook for Sustainability
Juan Bisquert
The Physics of Solar Energy Conversion