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Innovations in Food Technology
Alexandru Grumezescu
Preservatives And Preservation Approaches In Beverages (Paperback)
Byong H.Lee
Advanced Fermentatio n and Cell Technology
Shraddha Gautam
Aging And Diet (Hardcover)
Ancient Food Technology (Hardcover)
Thomas Miedaner
Applications Of Genetic And Genomic Research In Cereals (Paperback)
Rosalia Gueccia
Basic And Applied Aspects Of Acids In Food Industry (Hardcover)
Dongyou Liu
Molecular Food Microbiology
Deepayan Debnath,
Biofuels, Bioenergy And Food Security (Paperback)
Alexandru Grumezescu
Bottled And Packaged Water (Paperback)
Grumezescu, Alexandru
Caffeinated And Cocoa Based Beverages (Paperback)
Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu
Engineering Tools In The Beverage Industry: Volume 3: The Science Of Beverages (Paperback)