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Doucett, Elisabeth
100+ Ideas to inspire smart spaces and creative places (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Powers, Amanda Clay;Garnar, Martin;Fife, Dustin
A starter's guide for academic library leaders : advice in conversation (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Bertinelli, Lina;Jarvis, Madeline;Kosinski, Kathy;Wilson, Tess
All ages welcome : recruiting and retaining younger generations for library boards, friends groups, and foundations (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Hughes-Hassell, Sandra
Collection management for youth : equity, inclusion, and learning, second edition (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Schlipf, Fred
Constructing library buildings that work (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Crews, Kenneth D.
Copyright law for librarians and educators : creative strategies and practical solutions, fourth edition (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Henry, Jo;Eshleman, Joe;Moniz, Richard
Cultivating civility : practical ways to improve a dysfunctional library (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Turnbow, Dominique;Roth, Amanda
Demystifying online instruction in libraries : people, process, and tools (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Clarke, Rachel Ivy
Design thinking (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Bombaro, Christine
Diversity, equity, and inclusion in action : planning, leadership, and programming (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Nye, Valerie
Intellectual freedom stories : from a shifting landscape (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Kroski, Ellyssa
Law librarianship in the age of AI (E-Book, Multi-user Access)