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Grove, Cindy
Libraries and the substance abuse crisis : supporting your community (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Bizzle, Ben;Considine, Sue
Libraryland : it's all about the story (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Lampert, Cory;Washington, Anne;Melvin, Darnelle;Carlson, Scott
Linked data for the perplexed librarian (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Reale, Michelle
Meeting the challenge of teaching information literacy (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Hess, Amanda Nichols
Modular online learning design : a flexible approach for diverse learning needs (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Chase, Darren;Haugh, Dana
Open praxis, open access : digital scholarship in action (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Wentworth, Jillian;Fishel, Alan
Proving your library's value : persuasive, organized, and memorable messaging (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Scales, Pat R.
Teaching banned books : 32 guides for children and teens, second editon (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Zmau, Ashley;Talbott, Holly
The electronic resources troubleshooting guide (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Andrew K. Shenton
Facilitating Effective Sixth Form Independent Learning
Niyati Aggrawal
Social Networks Modelling and Analysis
Annemaree Lloyd
The Qualitative Landscape of Information Literacy Research