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หมวดหมู่ : ภาษาศาสตร์
Mirosław Pawlak
Boredom in the Foreign Language Classroom
Richard Powell
Language Choice in Postcolonial Law
Weifeng Han
Universal Grammar and the Initial State of Second Language Learning
Jane Wightwick
Mastering Arabic 2
M. Cristina Caimotto
Discourses of Cycling, Road Users and Sustainability
Shu-chen Ou
Perceptual Training on Lexical Stress Contrasts
Amanda Laugesen
Expressions of War in Australia and the Pacific
Adina Staicov
Creating Belonging in San Francisco Chinatown’s Diasporic Community
Louise Cummings
Fallacies in Medicine and Health
Amelie Kutter
Legitimation in the European Union
Lin Lin
The German Demonstratives
Chunlan Jin
Textual Patterns of the Eight-Part Essays and Logic in Ancient Chinese Texts