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หมวดหมู่ : ภาษาศาสตร์
Ekaterina Isaeva
Specialized Knowledge Mediation
Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen
Systemic Functional Insights on Language and Linguistics
Sonia Zyngier
Pedagogical Stylistics in the 21st Century
Nicole Gotzner
Measurements, Numerals and Scales
Enrica Piccardo
Activating Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Language Classroom
Siham Bouamer
Diversity and Decolonization in French Studies
Naziha Ali Raza
English Language Teaching in Pakistan
Susan Petrilli
Exploring the Translatability of Emotions
Federico Marco Federici
Language as a Social Determinant of Health
Norlund Shaswar
Literacies in the Age of Mobility Annika
Language as Evidence Victoria
Rahma Al-Mahrooqi
Individual and Contextual Factors in the English Language Classroom