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หมวดหมู่ : ภาษาศาสตร์
Fatemeh Akbari
Iran’s Language Planning Confronting English Abbreviations
Katerina Strani
Multilingualism and Politics
Hubert Devonish
Language, Race and the Global Jamaican
David Hornsby
Norm and Ideology in Spoken French
Christina Schelletter
Introduction to Bilingualism
Jinghe Han
Theorising Culture
Mustapha Aabi
The Syntax of Arabic and French Code Switching in Morocco
Natalia Konstantinovskaia
The Language of Feminine Beauty in Russian and Japanese Societies
Marina Dodigovic
Vocabulary in Curriculum Planning
Kellie Gonçalves
Labour Policies, Language Use and the ‘New’ Economy
Gaia Aragrande
Fascinating Transitions in Multilingual Newscasts
Jaine Beswick
Identity, Language and Belonging on Jersey