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Francis Soares
Tax Exemptions Granted By The Union Incident In Ipi
R Ramachandran
Banking Theory Law And Practice
Minko Georgiev
Agricultural Law In Bulgaria
Farrell, Michael
Criminology of Poisoning Contexts
Khayal Valiyev
Zipf's Law and Its Application
Hutton, Fiona (Ed.)
Cultures of Intoxication
Rankin Banjo
The Synergy Between Aviation Law & Artificial Intelligence
Leide Ribeiro And Francisco Bezerra
New Law 12.403/11 And The Principle Of Innocence And Dignity:
Kayode Emmanuel
Assessment Of Prevalence And Effectiveness Of Law Enforcement Agencies
Benigno Núñez Novo
International Law Studies
Benigno Núñez Novo
International Law Themes