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Moacir Pinto
The Leniency Agreement And The Termination Commitment In Law 12.529/2011
Chima Francis Osuji
Anatomy of Recall Law in Nigeria with Lessons from Selected Jurisdictions
Cyril Anaele
Law of Nations
Rufus Adeoluwa Olodude
Challenges of Implementing Humanitarian Law in Africa
Sitora Ibragimova
The Glossary of Law Terms. Vol. II
Eyong Ako and Enow Godwill Baiye
Fundamentals of Insurance Law in Cameroon
Stokes, Robert, Gill, Charlotte (Eds.)
Innovations in Community-Based Crime Prevention
Maycock, Matthew, Meek, Rosie, Woodall, James (Eds.)
Issues and Innovations in Prison Health Research
Pratt, John
Law, Insecurity and Risk Control
Derry, Caroline
Lesbianism and the Criminal Law
Crewe, Ben, Hulley, Susie, Wright, Serena
Life Imprisonment from Young Adulthood
Jennings, W., Perez, N., Delcher, C., Wang, Y.
Opioid Prescribing Rates and Criminal Justice and Health Outcomes