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Julie Fain Lawrence-Edsell
One-Hour Shakespeare: The Comedies
Julie Fain Lawrence-Edsell
One-Hour Shakespeare: The Early Comedies and Romances
Ariane M. Balizet
Shakespeare and Girls’ Studies
Brett Gamboa
Shakespeare’s Things
Camilla Caporicci
The Art of Picturing in Early Modern English Literature
Courtney Bailey Parker
Spectrums of Shakespearean Crossdressing: The Art of Performing Women
Elizabeth Klett
Choreographing Shakespeare: Dance Adaptations of the Plays and Poems
Christy Desmet
The Routledge Handbook of Shakespeare and Global Appropriation
Helen C. Scott
Shakespeare's Tempest and Capitalism
Anthony D. Baker
Shakespeare, Theology, and the Unstaged God
Sidney Homan
How and Why We Teach Shakespeare
Julián Jiménez Heffernan
Limited Shakespeare: The Reason of Finitude