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Prostean, G., Lavios Villahoz, J.J., Brancu, L., Bakacsi, G. (Eds.)
Innovation in Sustainable Management and Entrepreneurship
Passiante, Giuseppina (Ed.)
Innovative Entrepreneurship in Action
Pegan, Giovanna, Vianelli, Donata, De Luca, Patrizia
International Marketing Strategy
Bettiol, Marco, Di Maria, Eleonora, Micelli, Stefano (Eds.)
Knowledge Management and Industry 4.0
Taschner, Andreas, Charifzadeh, Michel
Management Accounting in Supply Chains
Eyers, Daniel (Ed.)
Managing 3D Printing
Roger Frantz
Beginnings Of Behavioral Economics (Paperback)
Maria Ripollés
Widening International Entrepreneurship Research
Richard Houghton
Grow, Build, Sell, Live: A Practical Guide to Running and Building an Agency and Enjoying It
Barrie Gunter
Gambling Advertising: Nature, Effects and Regulation
Adrian Wheeler
Writing for the Media
Ken Kerrigan
Our Future in Public Relations