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Adedoyin Ademola
Socio-cultural music performances in Nigeria
Mohammad Shahabuddin
Electrical Instruments & Measurement Lab
Maria Sambriong
Knowledge, Dietary Patterns, And Adherence
Gioele Pozzi
Music Emotion Detection
Ken McLeod
Driving Identities: At the Intersection of Popular Music and Automotive Culture
Stein Helge Solstad
Expertise in Jazz Guitar Improvisation: A Cognitive Approach
Marzanna Poplawska
Performing Faith: Christian Music, Identity and Inculturation in Indonesia
Kai Arne Hansen
Popular Musicology and Identity: Essays in Honour of Stan Hawkins
David Kaminsky
Social Partner Dance: Body, Sound, and Space
Petter Frost Fadnes
Jazz on the Line: Improvisation in Practice
Kelly A. Parkes
Developing and Applying Assessments in the Music Classroom
Ananay Aguilar
Remixing Music Studies: Essays in Honour of Nicholas Cook