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หมวดหมู่ : ดนตรี
Rachael Durkin
The Viola d’Amore: Its History and Development
Asya Draganova
The Canterbury Sound in Popular Music: Scene, Identity and Myth
Jasmine Hazel Shadrack
Black Metal, Trauma, Subjectivity and Sound: Screaming the Abyss
Pauwke Berkers
Emerald Studies in Metal Music and Culture Book Set (2018-2019)
Julia Hallam
Movies, Music and Memory: Tools for Wellbeing in Later Life
Brett Lashua
Popular Music, Popular Myth and Cultural Heritage in Cleveland
Catherine Hoad
Australian Metal Music
Lucile Desblache
Music and Translation
Jonathan Rhodes Lee
Film Music in the Sound Era: A Research and Information Guide, 2 Volume Set
Elena Marchenko
Infernal Images In The Works Of Russian Composers
Haris Cicic
An Introduction To Odd Time Signatures In Jazz
Uwe Schütte
Kraftwerk : Future Music from Germany