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หมวดหมู่ : เภสัชศาสตร์
Tarun Kumar Bhatt Surendra Nimesh
The Design and Development of Novel Drugs and Vaccines
Wolfgang Sippl
Epigenetic Drug Discovery
Tariq Aftab Khalid Hakeem
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Da-Cheng Hao
Taxaceae and Cephalotaxaceae
Kathleen Hefferon
Plant-derived Pharmaceuticals
Lisa Martini-Johnson
Applied Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians
Amit Kumar Nayak
Alginates in Drug Delivery
Moustafa, Ahmed A.
The Nature of Depression: An Updated Review
Rutter, Paul
Community Pharmacy: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment 5ed
Carroll, Will
Practical Paediatric Prescribing: How to Prescribe the Most Common Drugs 1ed
Watson, Jennie
Pharmacy Practice: 6ed