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หมวดหมู่ : เภสัชศาสตร์
Ralph Bowen
Biomarkers: Diagnostic Applications
Nicolas Mooney
Complementary, Integrative and Alternative Medicine
Jessie Miller
Pharmacological Management of Neurological Diseases
Sean Boyd
Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Holly Philips
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Graham Craig
Drug Discovery Research: A Comprehensive Overview
Casey Hammond
Drug Resistance: Clinical Aspects
Rodrik Ledger
Pharmaceutical Sciences: An Integrated Approach
Melissa Gould
Herbal Medicine: Modern Applications of Traditional Formulas
Holly Philips
Medicinal Plants: Advances in Pharmacognosy
Arlo Snyder
Essential Pharmacognosy
Sydney Bruce
Resistance, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications of Drugs in Cancer