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หมวดหมู่ : สาธารณสุขศาสตร์
Ezekiel Wilson
Public Health: Ethics and Drug Resistance
Mohammed Meah
Essential Statistics for Bioscientists
Germán Velásquez
Vaccines, Medicines and COVID-19
Samiran Nundy
How to Practice Academic Medicine and Publish from Developing Countries?
Maurice B. Mittelmark
The Handbook of Salutogenesis
Manako Yabe
Deaf Rhetoric
Manfred Cassens
Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Public Health in Europe
Marc Grau Grau
Engaged Fatherhood for Men, Families and Gender Equality
David Culliford
Applied Statistical Considerations for Clinical Researchers
Yew-Kwang Ng
Happiness—Concept, Measurement and Promotion
Prem Misir
COVID-19 and Health System Segregation in the US
Deborah Wallace
The Recurrence of COVID-19 in New York State and New York City