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Sean P. Flanagan
Biomechanics: A Case-Based Approach (Paperback)
Darren Liu
Challenges Of Health Disparities: Implications And Actions For Health Care Professionals (Paperback)
Charles R. McConnell
Effective Health Care Supervisor (Paperback)
Mark Edberg
Essentials Of Health Behavior: Social And Behavioral Theory In Public Health (With Online Access Code) (Paperback)
Paula McGee
Advanced Practice in Healthcare: Dynamic Developments in Nursing and Allied Health Professions
David P. Adams 
Foundations Of Infectious Disease: A Public Health Perspective (With Online Access Code) (Paperback)
Beth Fiedler
Three Facets of Public Health and Paths to Improvements
Amir A. Khaliq
Managerial Epidemiology: Principles And Applications (Paperback)
David D. Peterson
Practical Guide To Personal Conditioning (With Online Access Code) (Paperback)
Brad Bowins
Activity for Mental Health
Vincent Henrich
Managing Health in the Genomic Era
Omry Koren
The Human Microbiome in Early Life