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หมวดหมู่ : ศาสนา/ปรัชญา
Scott Soames
Rethinking Language, Mind, and Meaning
Wolfram Eilenberger
Time of the Magicians : Wittgenstein, Benjamin, Cassirer, Heidegger, and the Decade That Reinvented Philosophy
Justin Tosi
Grandstanding : The Use and Abuse of Moral Talk
Dale Dorsey
The Limits of Moral Authority
Uriah Kriegel
Brentano's Philosophical System : Mind, Being, Value
Jacqueline Taylor
Reading Hume on the Principles of Morals
Peter S. Fosl
The Philosopher's Toolkit : A Compendium of Philosophical Concepts and Methods
Clifford Williams
Religion and the Meaning of Life : An Existential Approach
Joshua J. Knabb
Christian Psychotherapy in Context
Ondřej Beran
Examples and Their Role in Our Thinking
William Schweiker
Religious Ethics : Meaning and Method
Matthew J. Kuiper
Da'wa and Other Religions