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หมวดหมู่ : ศาสนา/ปรัชญา
Daniel W. Graham
Ancient Philosophy: The Fundamentals
Friedrich Nietzsche
Beyond Good and Evil: The Philosophy Classic
Richard Brian Davis
Disney and Philosophy
Sean A Valles
Philosophy of Population Health
Sarah Covington
Protestant Aesthetics and the Arts
R.D. Ingthorsson
A Powerful Particulars View of Causation
Ciano Aydin
Extimate Technology: Self-Formation in a Technological World
Myriam Renaud
Multi-Religious Perspectives on a Global Ethic: In Search of a Common Morality
Aurelia Bardon
Liberalism’s Religion: Cécile Laborde and Her Critics
Michiel Meijer
The Philosophy of Reenchantment
Sebastian Rehnman
Edwards on God
Stanley E. Porter
Active Hermeneutics: Seeking Understanding in an Age of Objectivism