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Francesco L. Passaro
Applied Bioinformatics In Life And Environment Science (Hardcover)
Essentials Of Semiconductors: World Edition (Paperback)
Essentials Of Photochemistry: World Edition (Paperback)
Illustrated Handbook Of Chromatography Techniques (Hardcover)
Fernando Pacheco-Torgal
Use Of Recycled Plastics In Eco-Efficient Concrete (Paperback)
Myron B. Allen
Numerical Analysis for Applied Science
Richard Bronson
Matrix Methods
Haynes Miller
Handbook of Homotopy Theory
Nathan Carter
Data Science for Mathematicians
Henry Ricardo
A Modern Introduction to Differential
Van P. Carey
Liquid-Vapor Phase-Change Phenomena: An Introduction to the Thermophysics of Vaporization and Condensation Processes in Heat Transfer Equipment
James House
Inorganic Chemistry