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หมวดหมู่ : กีฬาและกิจกรรมกลางแจ้ง
Russell Hoye
Sport Volunteering
Nils Asle Bergsgard
Sport, Outdoor Life and the Nordic World
Dominic Malcolm
The Concussion Crisis in Sport
S. Alexander Haslam
The New Psychology of Sport and Exercise: The Social Identity Approach
Ernest Yeboah Acheampong
African Footballers in Europe: Migration, Community, and Give Back Behaviours
Bettina Callary
Coach Education and Development in Sport: Instructional Strategies
Jim Taylor
Comprehensive Applied Sport Psychology
Vanessa Ratten
Sport Entrepreneurship
Antonio Russo
Advanced Sports Nutrition
BMA Guide to Sports Injuries
Peter Krustrup
Football as Medicine: Prescribing Football for Global Health Promotion
James T. Bennett
Intercollegiate Athletics, Inc.: How Big-Time College Sports Cheat Students, Taxpayers, and Academics