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Rukiye Kilili
The Impact of Economic Development of Sport Tourism in North Cyprus
Joabe Garcez Gomes And Sylvana Kelly Arques Da Silva
Heritage Education And Cultural Tourism
Fátumbì Marcelo Lima Dos Anjos
The Afrocultural Heritage As An Economic Driver Of Tourism
Ashutosh Kumar Shukla
Spectroscopic Techniques & Artificial Intelligence for Food and Beverage Analysis
Mathis Stock
Progress in French Tourism Geographies
Max Holleran
Tourism, Urbanization, and the Evolving Periphery of the European Union
Benjamin Colbert
Continental Tourism, Travel Writing, and the Consumption of Culture, 1814–1900
Anze Chen
Dictionary of Geotourism
Julia Neidhardt
Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2020
Hugues Séraphin
Jennifer Dawes
Dark Tourism in the American West
Carmelo Pellejero Martínez
Inter and Post-war Tourism in Western Europe, 1916–1960