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หมวดหมู่ : สัตวแพทย์
Ramasamy Santhanam, Manavalan Gobinath and Santhanam Ramesh
Biology and Ecology of Pharmaceutical Marine Molluscs
Michael Brimacombe
Likelihood Methods in Biology and Ecology
Chelmala Srinivasulu
South Asian Mammals
Edited by Peter Whitridge and Erica Hill
Reimagining Human-Animal Relations in the Circumpolar North
Edited by Kristof Dhont and Gordon Hodson
Why We Love and Exploit Animals
Ronald D. Smith
Veterinary Clinical Epidemiology
Michael Huemer
Dialogues on Ethical Vegetarianism
Erin P. Riley
The Promise of Contemporary Primatology
Michael Wayne Caldwell
The Origin of Snakes
Edited by Brenda Ayres and Sarah Elizabeth Maier
Animals and Their Children in Victorian Culture