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หมวดหมู่ : E-Book
Reed, Don C.
Revolutionary therapies : how the California stem cell program saved lives, eased suffering - and changed the face of medicine forever (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Niemi, Antti;Tomboulis, Terry;Phua, Kok Khoo
Roman Jackiw : 80th birthday festschrift (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Saxena, G. M.;Ghosal, Bikash
Rubidium atomic clock : the workhorse of satellite navigation (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Wali, Kameshwar C
S Chandrasekhar : selected correspondence and conversations (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Ishikawa, Masaharu;Yokura, Shoji
Singularities - Kagoshima 2017: proceedings of the 5th Franco-Japanese-Vietnamese symposium on singularities Kagoshima, Japan, 27 October - 3 November 2017 (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Cui, Lei;Dai, Jian S.
Sliding-rolling contact and in-hand manipulation (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Soft matter and biomaterials on the nanoscale : the WSPC reference on functional nanomaterials. Part I (in 4 volumes) (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Gonza?lez-Corte?s, Sergio
Solution combustion synthesis of nanostructured solid catalysts for sustainable chemistry (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Schechter, Martin
Solving linear partial differential equations : spectra (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Karplus, Martin
Spinach on the ceiling : the multifaceted life of a theoretical chemist (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Allori, Valia
Statistical mechanics and scientific explanation : determinism, indeterminism and laws of nature (E-Book, Multi-user Access)
Haider, Khawaja Husnain
Stem cells : from hype to hope (E-Book, Multi-user Access)